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Meet Leo,
the world's first Smart Panel

The new kid on the block

Leo is a game-changing smart panel that makes old-school switchboards a thing of the past.

Board app preview

With its beautiful design, powerful insights and the world's most advanced electrical safety technologies, Leo will redefine your home energy experience.

Save money with insights and control.

Manage your energy usage in real-time.

Comprehensive protection from electrical faults.

Circuit level control
Identify and reduce faults
Reduce energy bills
Best in-class insights
Improve energy efficiency
Future ready
Over-the-air updates
Explore all features

Our kind of power couple

The Leo Smart Panel and Home App interact seamlessly, blending brawn and brains to deliver a complete picture of your energy use.

Leo Smart Panel

Precision-engineered, Leo processes over 2.3 million data points from over 120 inputs every second to keep your family safe and help you save money.

Basis Home App

Unlock a holistic view of your home. Manage your energy consumption from anywhere, while keeping an eye on your home's overall health and safety.

Money in your pocket

Leo pays for itself. Save over $450 a year on your electricity bill.1

Set routines & automations - manage your energy from anywhere

Stop energy waste with actionable, real-time insights & alerts

Optimise your electricity retail plan based on your energy-profile

Protect your nest

The RCD advantage: complete circuit protection for complete peace of mind, especially in homes with children.

Entire home surge protection to keep devices & gadgets safe

Reduce the chance of electrocution by up to 80%, with total home electrocution coverage

Reduce the risk of serious fires by up to 90% with the most advanced fire safety devices

Get future-ready

As your energy needs evolve, so does Leo.

Leo circuits can be reconfigured without costly hardware upgrades so you can make changes when you need.

Smart metering that adapts to EVs and battery systems, ensuring you’re always connected.

Always getting better with over-the-air updates that introduce new features and enhance existing ones.

Take control of your energy

Traditional switchboards have left you in the dark for nearly a century, with minimal safety and high electricity bills. Leo illuminates your energy usage with real-time tracking, electrical health alerts, and money-saving insights.

Available on iOS and Android.

Understand your electrical health

Monitor your home's electrical health with ease with alerts and insights right on your phone.

Track your energy

See where your energy is going and how it’s being used in real-time.

Fault detection & alerts

Stop small electrical issues before they become serious problems.

Set routines & schedules

Control your energy anywhere anytime with circuit by circuit control.

Access the cheapest electricity plans

Find the best electricity plan suited for your energy usage patterns and needs.

Energy, your way

You choose your level of insight, protection and control. Select the software package that comes with your Leo Smart Panel.

Leo is available in both 12 and 20 circuit configurations.

Leo Core

From $3,199

Smart Panel + Core Package

The smarter way to save

Reduce your power bills by 15% with energy-saving insights.

Key features

  • Real-time electricity insights
  • Entire-home surge protection
  • Home electrical health profile

Most popular

Leo Control

From $3,949

Smart Panel + Control Package

More control, more protection

Protect your home and loved ones and unlock circuit-by-circuit control.

All Leo Core features +

  • Advanced house fire protection
  • Control circuits via the app
  • Timers and automation
  • EV, solar & battery readiness
  • Advanced electrocution protection

Leo Future

From $4,299

Smart Panel + Future Package

Everything-proof your home

Embrace the clean energy revolution and empower NZ’s smart grid.

All Leo Control features +

  • Advanced overload protection
  • Advanced fire safety
  • Export solar & battery electricity
  • Configurable electrocution protection

Our company has been in operation since 1974 and we've seen many products come and go. There's never been something quite like the Basis Smart Panel before.

Chris French, MD, French Electrical

Powered by the most advanced electrical safety technologies

Embrace smarter living with Leo, the smart panel that does more than just distribute electricity. It safeguards, manages, and optimises your energy, so you can live more and worry less.

Smart, yet affordable

Never before have so many digitally connected, state-of-the-art electronics been integrated into one energy control centre. There’s so much more, for surprisingly little cost.

600% more precise

Precision sensors inside your smart panel give you energy usage estimates that are 600% more precise than current metering.

Alerts that matter

Leo scans your home for electrical faults 60,000 times every second and sends immediate alerts, helping to protect your home and family from danger.

Happiness for control freaks

From enabling insight-powered actions to setting money-saving timers or configuring room-by-room safety settings, Leo puts the power firmly in your hands.

We’re obsessed with doing good for the planet.

Our ageing electrical infrastructure, reliance on fossil fuels, and rising energy costs pose significant threats to our environment, homes, and wallets.

We're committed to being part of the solution.

1. Electricity savings estimates based on an average NZ household consuming 7,600kWh of electricity per year at an average price of 33.74c kWh. Energy reduction estimates are calculated by simulating savings from multiple methodologies.
  • Proven 3rd party energy reduction research studies that closely reflect features in the Basis Home app,
  • actual energy use from installed Basis Smart Panels &
  • saving estimations from 3rd party electricity retailers