We’re driven by our passion for the planet.

Basis is a purpose-driven, cross-functional team of innovators, designers and engineers. We exist to bridge the chasm that exists between people’s current and future electricity needs, and the dangerously outdated electrical grid.

Leading the clean energy revolution

Transitioning away from fossil fuels requires a substantial investment in renewable energy and electrifying everything. However, this green revolution will overwhelm our grid by 2050, making it more volatile.

We have two choices: continue to pour resources into an outdated infrastructure or invest in a smart, two-way grid that ensures a clean, sustainable future.

Our purpose

Unleashing the power of the Smart Grid

Our innovative products, starting with Leo, are designed to transform the traditional grid into a dynamic, two-way system that is both sustainable and affordable.

Clean-tech flourishes with a smart grid, and a smart grid thrives with smart panels in every home. This is the beautiful synergy we are creating with Leo.

Our vision

A Smart Panel in every home

We’re creating a world where every home has a smart panel to intelligently manage energy demand and reduce electricity consumption by 56%. This vision drives us to develop groundbreaking smart panels.

Our team of visionary designers, engineers, imagineers and pioneers have dedicated countless hours to bringing this revolutionary product to life.

Our mission

Our Journey


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The brains behind smart energy

We’re always on the lookout for the brightest minds to help us create the world's most advanced energy products. Together, let's power a cleaner, smarter future.

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