100 Interviews and Counting: My Path to PX

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Jess Reynolds

People Experience Advisor

If you don't reflect on your past self and cringe even just a little, you haven't grown.

Not a quote for everyone, but for me, it motivates me to learn from my mistakes, grow and develop.

When I decided I wanted a new challenge in my career, I meant it. I left an industry I had been in for almost ten years and started the daunting task of job searching. Now not a single part of me regrets it. The best decision I ever made was to apply for that one job ad that made me think "Wow, I want in on that".

When I started at Basis I had little experience interviewing people for roles, and I was learning on the spot. So when my fantastic and supportive lead Beth said I was ready to do my first solo interview, I was nervous... to say the least.

But I am so glad she pushed me, saw my potential and that I was more than ready. I still remember her saying, "You'll only get better with time", and I did! Now I have hosted 100 interviews for Basis, and when I look around today at the team we have built it makes me so proud.

It's refreshing to work with people who are driven to make a significant impact on our planet and, better yet, have fun doing it along the way.


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