Replace your switchboard with a Basis Smart Panel

Smart panels,
superior in every way

The Basis smart panel replaces outdated switchboard technology with precision engineering and an unparalleled digital experience.

Traditional Boards

Blind to electric dangers
like arc faults

Standard electric panels leave you at risk of electrical fires caused by hard-to-detect arc faults

Basis Leo

90% elimination
of electrical fires

Leo is equipped with the most advanced electric fault detection technology to keep you safe

Traditional Boards

Basic electrocution protection
if the panel is up to code

Up to 70% of panels are not up to standard, meaning most people are vulnerable to electrocution in their home

Basis Leo

Up to 80% protection
against electrocution

For unmatched electrocution protection, Leo sets the gold standard with Type A, Type B RCDs and customisable thresholds.

Traditional Boards

In the dark ages
with zero electrical usage insights

Electric panels leave you in the dark about where your energy is being used and how to save costs in the future.

Basis Leo

$450 off your electric bill
with usage insights and control

Leo empowers you to take control of your energy, helping you save money on electricity.

Traditional Boards

Expensive to upgrade
especially to go green

Installing solar, battery or EV typically requires an expensive upgrade to your electric panel.

Basis Leo

Built for the future
with in-built EV & solar compatibility

Leo integrates with 90% of solar & battery systems, making the switch to sustainable energy effortless.

Traditional Boards

Up to 6 hours
to install

Electric panels require several components and can take anywhere from 3 to 6 hours to install.

Basis Leo

Less than 1 hour
to install

Leo combines beauty with convenience. The patented prefabricated design takes less than an hour to install.

There's simply no comparison

Traditional switchboards were designed to only meet the minimum regulated standard. Basis’ groundbreaking new technology will keep homes and families safer, smarter and more in control of their energy.

Traditional Switchboard

Minimum regulated standard

Average cost $2-3k

Basis Leo

Unparalleled insight, incumbent and safety for your home

From $3,199

Basis App

Monitoring & intelligence

Real-time & historical electricity consumption

Real-time & historical fault insights

Real-time alerts


Remote circuit on/off

Remote circuit timers


Device protection

Entire home surge protection

Fire protection

Short circuit (6kVA)

Overload protection: Type-C

Arc-fault detection

Overload protection: Type-B

Overload protection: Type-D

Electrocution protection

Type-A 30mA RCD

Partial cover

100% coverage

Type-B 30mA RCD

Arc-fault detection

Severity reduction (5mA to 30mA)

Nuisance avoidance (5mA to 30mA)


AMI - Advanced Metering Infrastructure

Consumption only smart meter

Export revenue smart meter

Peak demand management

Ripple (emergency, time-incumbent)

Advanced flexibility incumbent


Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Cellular & Bluetooth

Over-the-air updates

Distributed Energy

EV Readiness

DC residual detection

Check metering

Remote circuit on/off

Solar & Battery Readiness

Install compatibility with residential systems

DC residual detection

Check metering

Remote circuit on/off

Entire home energy footprint

Basis Care


12 months

2 years

Basis accredited service and support

Electrician cost coverage

24/7 remote support

* Minimum quoted price as of May 2024 for comparable functionality, while still lacking all digital features.