From $3,949

Smart panel + Control Package

Leo Control

Level up from Leo Core. Get the upper hand on energy with automations. Keep your family and home safe with the most advanced fire and electric shock protection on the market.

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More control, more protection

This bundle is ideal for homeowners who want to automate their savings, unlock circuit-by-circuit control, and provide the ultimate protection for their home and loved ones.

Why choose Leo Control?


Reduction in your risk of house fire with arc fault detection


Type-B RCD coverage to protect your family from electrocution


Saved on annual electricity bills with on/off control and timers.

What's included

All Leo Core features, plus:

Honest to a fault

Early detection is key to preventing electrical disasters. Leo is constantly monitoring energy flow and intervening faults to keep your family and home safe.

Not so fired up

Don't let a spark turn into a nightmare. Leo monitors arc faults on every circuit. Once detected, power supply is shut off instantly, preventing electrical fires.

Stop the shock

Don't settle for ordinary protection when it comes to the safety your loved ones. Leo comes with Type-B RCD protection - the most advanced defence against electric shock.

Tailored safety

Turn your home into a safe haven. Set up electrical safety parameters room-by-room to suit the needs of your whole family.

Effortless energy

Stop wondering whether or not you left the stove on when you leave the house. Control connected appliances remotely and never worry about a thing.

Set and forget

Experience the power of automation. Use the app to control your lights and appliances with on/off commands and scheduling.

Don’t think, just save

Use timers and automatic on/off settings to reduce running costs of those big energy users like pool pumps, hot water systems, outdoor lighting circuits and more.

REVved up

No matter your electric vehicle, Leo's got you covered. It works with a wide range of EVs and chargers, and offers Type B RCD protection for unbeatable safety while you charge.

It's time to flick the switch.

Leo is light years ahead of traditional switchboards and electric panels. Curious to see how they compare? Two words: night and day. Learn more

Traditional Switchboard


  • Minimum standard fire protection
  • No remote circuit control
  • Zero timers or automation
  • Limited EV readiness
  • Minimum electrocution protection
  • Limited surge protection

*Minimum quoted price as of March 2024 for comparable functionality, while still lacking all digital features.

Leo Control

From $3,949

  • Advanced house fire protection
  • Control circuits via the app
  • Timers and automation
  • EV, solar & battery readiness
  • Advanced electrocution protection
  • Entire-home surge protection

Available in both 12 and 20-circuit configurations.

Secure one of the first 100 Leo Smart Panels

Stay ahead of the curve, and secure your Leo with a fully refundable $200 deposit. Available for delivery 2025*

Leo Core

Smart panel + Core Package

From $3,199

The smarter way to save

Unlike traditional electric panels, Leo Core sheds light on your energy usage, revealing power suckers, finding savings opportunities and supercharging your home’s electrical health. It's a power revolution in your pocket.

Key features

  • Real-time electricity insights
  • Entire-home surge protection
  • Home electrical health profile

Leo Future

Smart panel + Future Package

From $4,299

Everything-proof your home

Leo Future doesn’t just save you money, it makes you money. It includes every feature from Leo Core and Leo Control, plus the ability to export power to the grid and advanced overload protection.

All Leo Control features +

  • Advanced overload protection
  • Advanced fire safety
  • Export solar & battery electricity
  • Configurable electrocution protection