It may look amazing in your hallway, but it’s no idle wallflower. Discover the advanced engineering and ground-breaking componentry that makes up your Leo smart panel.


Energy made beautiful

From it’s sleek appearance on your wall to the ingenious integration of high quality components, Leo is designed to impress, inside and out.


Together as one

Leo combines over 120 monitoring, control and safety devices into one seamless energy experience. Designed by world-class engineers, everything is perfectly in its place right out of the box.


Stop electrical fires in their tracks

Many traditional switchboard installations fail to meet fire egress requirements, putting your family at risk if your switchboard caught fire. Leo’s proprietary cable entry system with fire-proof foam stops the spread of fire if the worst was to happen.


Almost half of electrical fires are linked to problems in electrical distribution devices, including switchboards


Over 60% of installed switchboards either fail to meet ASNZS fire egress standards or become non-compliant during installation


Leo smart panels meet 100% of electrical installation compliance standards


Sealed to perfection

Sub-circuit cables are connected using gasless, spring-clamp lever connectors. These speed machines minimise your risk of an electrical fire and reduce the likelihood of future service and maintenance costs.

No loose screws

Improper tightening of screw terminals can lead to overheating and even melt the electric panel. Leo uses spring terminals to create a more secure and reliable connection.


Eliminate up to 45% of all service calls which are caused by poor wiring connections


Reduction in wiring time, saving hours on your installation

e-Ink Display

No power? No worries

Leo displays individual circuit information using e-Ink displays. So if the power goes out, you can still see how your circuits are configured.


An air of confidence

Navigating your switchboard can be overwhelming—figuring out where to start and how to stay safe. Leo simplifies the process by providing clear, straightforward instructions, empowering you to easily troubleshoot minor issues and approach your smart panel with confidence.


Plug and play

Thanks to its pre-fabricated componentry and spring-clamp lever connectors, your Leo can be installed in under an hour. It’s simple, seamless and fast, so you can get your money-saving energy insights sooner.


Unique configurations all managed within one easy to use app

45 min

The average time it takes to install a smart panel in a new build

22 min

The current Leo installation record held at Basis HQ


A perfect fit

At 350mm wide x 640mm tall, Leo has been designed to fit comfortably between standard wall studs. It’s equivalent in size to combination boards commonly installed today.

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