Leo Future

Leo Future doesn’t just save you money, it makes you money. It includes every feature from Leo Core and Leo Control, plus the ability to export power to the grid and advanced overload protection.

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Everything-proof your home

Ideal for tech-savvy homeowners who are moving towards clean energy integration and want to provide the ultimate protection for their EV's and solar/battery systems.

Why choose the Leo Future?


Sell excess energy back to the grid


Leo reacts to overloads in just 2.5 milliseconds - 14x faster than traditional switchboards


Leo lowers overload thresholds by 40% compared to standard overload devices

What's included

All Leo Control features, plus:

Side hustle

With Leo, you can sell excess solar energy back to the grid, potentially reducing your electricity bills and generating additional income.

Feeling the heat

Leo comes with the most advanced load control protection, ensuring your safety against one of the primary culprits of home electrical fires.

No Nuisance

Unlike traditional electric panels prone to nuisance trips, Leo minimises false alarms, ensuring you only get alerted when there's a real problem.

Peace of mind

Get 2 years of Basis Care, ensuring your unit is replaced at no cost should there be any issues.

It's time to flick the switch.

Leo is light years ahead of traditional switchboards and electric panels. Curious to see how they compare? Two words: night and day. Learn more

Traditional Switchboard


  • Basic overload protection
  • Minimum standard fire protection
  • No export ability
  • Limited EV readiness
  • Minimum electrocution protection
  • No remote circuit control
  • Zero timers or automation
  • Limited surge protection

*Minimum quoted price as of March 2024 for comparable functionality, while still lacking all digital features.

Leo Future

From $4,299

  • Advanced overload protection
  • Advanced house fire protection
  • Export solar & battery electricity
  • EV, solar & battery readiness
  • Advanced configurable electrocution protection
  • Control circuits via the app
  • Timers and automation
  • Entire-home surge protection

Available in both 12 and 20-circuit configurations.

Exclusive limited release

Secure one of the first 100 Leo smart panels

Stay ahead of the curve, and secure your Leo with a fully refundable $200 deposit.

Available for delivery from early 2025*

Keep exploring

We get that one size doesn’t fit all. Leo is available in three options, so you can choose the features that matter most to you.

Leo Core

From $3,199

The smarter way to save

Unlike traditional electric panels, Leo Core sheds light on your energy usage, revealing power suckers, finding savings opportunities and supercharging your home’s electrical health. It's a power revolution in your pocket.

Key features

  • Real-time electricity insights
  • Entire-home surge protection
  • Home electrical health profile

Leo Control

From $3,949

More control, more protection

Level up from Leo Core. Get the upper hand on energy with automations. Keep your family and home safe with the most advanced fire and electric shock protection on the market.

All Leo Core features +

  • Advanced house fire protection
  • Control circuits via the app
  • Timers and automation
  • EV, solar & battery readiness
  • Advanced electrocution protection