There’s a whole lot going on behind the door of your smart panel. Ultra powerful computing and leading intelligence systems keep you safer than ever before and deliver tailored, actionable energy insights.


Your home’s electrical superbrain

Your smart panel processes over 1.3 million data points from over 120 inputs every second to keep your family safe and help you save money.


CPU: A dedicated 1.5 GHz quad-core processor


Dual-band Wi-Fi 5


Bluetooth® 5.2


Needle in a haystack

The Leo smart panel contains a world-leading suite of high-performance sensors that provide extremely precise, highly accurate, real-time electrical safety and energy monitoring capabilities.


Leo can discern a 0.001A residual current on a 400A load.

Second by second

Your retailer tells you how much energy you used last month. Leo tells you how much you are using right now! On every circuit!


Measured in milliseconds

Your smart panel can detect and react to an electrical fault in your home within 2.2 milliseconds, keeping your home and family safe in the blink of an eye.


Our detection speeds are 14x faster than standard electrical safety requirements

800,000 samples per second

Leo is continually hunting for dangerous electrical faults, making up to 800,000 measurements per second

Self test

Remote, digital feedback loops

The Leo smart panel is miles ahead of traditional mechanical electrical safety devices. It self-calibrates, provides quick and easy self-test functionality, and provides real-time diagnostic information – all accessible within the Basis home app.


Of in-field mechanical circuit breakers have been proven to fail UL/IEC compliance tests in third party studies


The probability that your home has an electrical safety device that is faulty, or operates incorrectly.


Leo can continuously self-test its health to ensure safe operation.

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